Cyber Wings | About me
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Welcome To My World

I’m Chaya custom power point presentation When I am not busy working on coding projects, solving a calculus problem, or writing a blog post that I will then decide not to publish, I am busy doing, well… actually, I’m still busy doing that. If I am not coding for school, I am coding for the sake of coding. When I’m not blogging for my college’s blog, I’m writing five line social media posts, 250 word blog posts on friend’s company blogs, or a 20 page essay that I may need if I ever take a <insert subject here> class. Nobody dares to call me a nerd, because they know that if they do, they will get a blog post of their own. Besides, nerds don’t eat ice cream, in a cone, for breakfast, every day. Mint chocolate chip anyone?


*Pops earphones off*

“Hi! I’m Yehudis!”

next If you are looking for me during the semester, chances are you’ll find me in the library, studying for my next exam or writing a paper. I may however be found outdoors, sketchpad open on my lap, staring at the sky. As my camera captures a time-lapse of the sun setting over the lake, I just might be designing a logo using my favorite colored pencils. I may also be drawing a ‘tattoo’ on my friend, or reading a book. I could also be online discovering new music, or dreaming of places I’d love to visit someday.